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Reach The Peak of Skilled Electrical Work

Contact Salmon Arm’s professional and personable electricians today. Your free quote is waiting at the summit of Little Mountain Electric. Call us today!

For Skilled Electrical Work Turn to the Professional & Personable Electrician in Salmon Arm

Little Mountain Electric knows that our homes and places of business are a vast network of electrical services wired together to make everyday life work in Salmon Arm. Trust the electrician that can keep this complex system working for you, so you don’t have to think about it. We’ll keep your lights shining, your systems running, and your power flowing. The view from the top of the Little Mountain is bright!

With over 15 years of experience in the electrical trade, Little Mountain Electric has provided workmanship for both residential and commercial jobs in Salmon Arm and the Shuswap area. When you need to renovate, repair, install solar panels, attach new light fixtures, or any other skilled electrical work, look no further than our fully-licensed electricians. We strive for excellence while providing you a personalized experience to best meet your electrical needs.

Electrical Services for Every Home or Business

Whether you need to hook up something simple at home or are starting fresh with new construction from the ground up, we have the electrical expertise to help you accomplish whatever task you have. No matter what the job may be, we will treat every client to our personable service, reminding you that your project is in good hands.

Call us if you have a need for any electrical services in the following areas:

Are you ready to enhance your electric services? Install new lighting or home systems? Or start a new construction project? Call our team today to receive your free quote.

Emergency Electrical Appointments Available

If the power goes out and you’re in a tight spot remember to call us at Little Mountain Electric for our emergency services. We won’t leave you in the dark. Once you make an appointment we’ll get your power back on as soon as possible!

Professional Affiliations

Shuswap Construction Industry Professional

The Power To Make a House a Home

Whether renovating, repairing, or rewiring, Little Mountain Electric can handle any of the electrical needs in homes of all kinds. Let us install or improve your lighting, audio, or home systems today.

Electrify Your Business

Little Mountain Electric has the expertise to tackle any commercial electrical work needed. Whether installing lighting or heavy machinery, we’re on the job so you can do your job!

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